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Binary Options And The Accounts Offered By Porter Finance

Posted by on Jan 24, 2016 in Finance, Trading |


The first step to trade the Binary Options is to decide about the asset that which of them to be chosen. The assets that are tradable are supposed to be including stocks like Twitter, McDonalds, Facebook, Google, etc. There are included commodities like oil, silver, gold, etc. There are currencies of different countries, i.e. Euros, American dollars, Canadian Dollars, etc. and there are different types of indices as well. Since there are offered  large number of options for the traders, so they consider it to be  plus point of Porter Finance and they mention it in the positive Reviews of porter Finance. For the results of optimal trading, there is a recommendation made that those assets are to be selected by the traders in which they are having some of the familiarities. The greater the knowledge of a trader for a specific asset, the more will be chance for the success that the trader will be able for predicting the fluctuations in the future.

Details of the accounts and packages offered by Porter Finance:

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The details of the packages offered by Porter Finance have been mentioned below along with the names of the packages.

  • Starter package is the one in which there is offered twenty percent of the bonus along with Ebook and daily reviews related to the market. In addition, there are also some videos that are related to education and the Webinars as well. 1000 is supposed to be the starting investment for it.
  • Silver account is the one in which there is offered a bonus of thirty percent and along with this there is an option for the market reviews on daily basis. There is one trade that is considered to be free of risk and there is one session of academy. The starting investment in this case is 5000.
  • Next there comes the Gold account and there is offered a bonus of forty five percent in it. There are also given market reviews on daily basis and there are three such trades that are free from risk; while the numbers of sessions of academy are also three. The starting investment in this case is 10,000.
  • Next is the Platinum account and the percentage of bonus in it is sixty. There are five trades that are supposed to be free of risk; while the numbers of sessions for trading is also five. The starting investment in this case is 25,000.
  • Next is the diamond account, and there is offered a bonus of eighty percent. There are ten trades that are considered to be free from the factor of risk. The starting investment in this case is 50,000.
  • Another package that is famous and is offered by Porter Finance is Royal, the starting investment of which is 100,000.


All the above mentioned packages and accounts are highly appreciated and liked by the traders working with Porter Finance and they mention about them in the Positive reviews of Porter Finance.


Why You Should Not Trust Binary Signals

Posted by on Dec 1, 2015 in Finance, News, Trading |

Even though binary signals can be a useful tool for trading binary options, nothing can replace proper knowledge, educations and being informed on how to analyze the market and know when to trade yourself. Trading signals are advertized as a tool that can help you win trades without any knowledge, but they can often actually be completely inaccurate or related to scam brokers. Although it can sometimes be useful to rely on binary signals, here are the reasons when and why you should not trust them.

– There is no trial period – if the signal provider requires you to pay for the service, yet they do not offer a free trial, it is a good reason to have doubts. You cannot know how reliable are the signals if you have never tried them, and of course, you would not want to pay for something you do not know how it will perform.


-Connected with binary robots – some binary signals providers may offer you installing binary robots which perform automated trades based on these signals. These robots are usually based only on back-tested data, without any results based on a long-term or live trading. They are therefore not reliable for trading nor are they accurate enough. There are some good binary robots, but you should find them separately, with the goal of finding one and after reading many reviews and testing its accuracy.

binary-options (1)

-There are not many tradable signals – signal provider may offer a large number of signals during the day, while only one or even none of them are actually tradable. They recommend the market conditions that should be met, yet the market does not meet them and the trades are missed. If the signals provider offers a free trial, make sure to test out the tradability of the signals, possibly with a demo account, so you do not lose money on unsuccessful trades. If you have an account with Banc de Binary, they offer a trading amount as low as $1, so if you have already used up your demo, you can simply place a low trading amount. Always check if any broker is a scam or not, and if they offer a demo account- here you can check for banc de binary demo if you’d like to have one.

Click here to learn more about Banc de Binary

-Unrealistic promises – if the signal provider offers “over 90%” accuracy without any proof to back up such statistics, you should ask them for clarification and the data on which you can check the validity of their claim. You are not likely to get a straight answer, and these signals are definitely something to avoid.

-Lack of historical data – in addition to the previous reason, if the signal provider does not allow the potential users to see their previous results based on real trades, charts and actual data, they are not to be trusted. In addition, if they do provide such data, it should show a period long enough so you can estimate the level of success these signals had over time.

-Bad timing – signals should be generated clearly and accurately, and delivered to the trader in a timely manner so he can have enough time to react. If the signals arrive in delay, they are of no use to the trader, so he will either miss the trade, or trade the wrong way and lose the money. Check the timing of the signals with free version, to make sure they are delivered on time.

What To Look For When Choosing A Trading Platform

Posted by on Dec 1, 2015 in Finance, News, Trading |

Choosing a binary options broker may not be as easy as it sounds, since there are so many brokers online. They usually offer similar features, more or less, but there are the differences between them which can make you want to trade with one broker and not with the other. Also, some of the brokers are officially regulated by regulatory bodies like CySEC, while the others are not. Even though the reason for not being regulated can sometimes be that the broker is still waiting for the license, it is generally better to choose a broker which has already obtained a license and has proved to be reliable.

When choosing a binary broker, there are many features to look for and compare them between the brokers – the payout rate, bonuses and the conditions under which they are granted, deposit and withdrawal methods, additional features and the platforms. Here, we will stick with the platforms and the methods of choosing the one that will work best for you.


Many binary options brokers use platforms which were ready-made by some of the well-known developers, such as SpotOption, Panda TS and others. If you take a look at many different brokers and their trading platforms, you will notice that some of them have exactly the same platforms, and this is because they were created by the third-party which is specialized in this area particularly. This does not mean that the platform is bad, on a contrary – if the binary broker is reliable and they operate on a platform provided by a reliable developer, it is certainly going to work well and provide you with a range of options and features. On the other hand, a smaller part of brokers decide to use a custom-made platform, so they engage the experts in this area unrelated to the mainstream platform developers. This can sometimes be a bad idea, but some brokers actually have a custom-made trading platform to admire – such as the one on TropicalTrade. Their platform is well organized, easy to use, very intuitive and user-friendly (which is especially important for less experienced traders) and it is also made in colors that do not make your eyes sore. No matter how irrelevant the last feature may seems, if you plan to spend every day looking at platform and trading binary options, it actually is very important that the color scheme of the platform is not harmful to your eyesight.


Depending on whether you want to trade from a PC or a mobile device, you should look for the broker and the platform accordingly. Many brokers offer a mobile platform which is equally good, reliable and fast-responsive as the one for PC-based trading, so make sure to choose a broker on whose platform you will be able to rely when you want to trade from a mobile device. If you are not sure whether the mobile platform of your broker is reliable enough, you can test it with a demo account, paper trading, or by trading several options investing very low amount of money.


Types of Binary Options Charts

Posted by on Dec 1, 2015 in Finance, News, Trading |

Binary options charts are a very useful tool for all binary traders, whether they are beginners or experienced users of binary trading platforms. They are used to monitor the prices’ changes on the market, and they provide the brokers with the information on the assets they trade, such as open price, close price, highest and lowest price and they can indicate whether the market is turning bearish or bullish. If you learn how to read the chart and if you choose a reliable one, you are likely to achieve a high success in binary trading.

Binary charts can be provided by third party websites, in the form of downloadable software or web-based chart; or by the binary broker you have the account with. If you choose a reliable broker, such as CTOption (you can see if CTOption demo is available), Stockpair, 24Option and the like, and combine it with a good binary trading chart as well as your knowledge how to read it, your trading is likely to be safe and successful. Once you have chosen a broker you are certain that is not scam and that it has all the features you need, you can proceed to finding a chart you will be satisfied with.


There are three basic types of binary charts: Tick Chart, Line Chart and Candlestick Chart. At the moment, the Candlestick Chart is the most widely used, since it is easy to read and comprehend, and it provides much useful information on the assets which are very easy to spot and understand.

Tick Chart – tick chart is a chart in a form of line showing every movement of the asset’s price over a certain period of time. The point at the far right is the price’s position at the current moment, while the far left is the price’s position at the beginning of the predetermined time period. This type of chart usually shows only the price’s movements over the past several minutes, which is an advantage if you trade short-term options. However, on the downside, with this type of chart it is not possible to see any data before this period of time, so it is not suitable for long-term trades. This chart is usually given on the binary broker’s trading platform, and when you choose an asset and its expiry time, you will be shown a tick chart that represents that asset’s price movements over that period of time.


Line Chart – it is appearance, a Line Chart is the same as Tick Chart, but there is one important difference – Line Chart offers you an opportunity to go back in the previous periods of time – hours or even days – to observe the historical data on the particular asset. This means that with a Line Chart you can perform historical data analysis, which is impossible with a Tick Chart.

Candle Chart – currently the most popular and often used chart pattern, where each candle-shaped bar represents the asset’s movements over a period you determine (it can be from one minute to several days). According to the length of the candle’s body and wicks, you will be able to determine the trends of a certain asset and therefore spot an opportunity to trade an option and how to trade it. Candlestick charts provide more detailed data on the prices’ movements, and that is why they are currently the most used chart type by binary brokers.

Top list of Binary Robots

Posted by on Dec 1, 2015 in Finance, News, Trading |

Binary trading is a concept that has been increasing in popularity over the past several years. In addition to that, the number of features related to it is also on a constant rise, and many new tools appear on the market regularly. One of the relatively new concepts is automated trading, performed by software of binary robots. Binary robots serve as a facilitating tool for the traders so they do not need to perform the market analysis and trade themselves. They operate based on trading signals they receive, and their accuracy basically depends on the accuracy of the signals.

Binary-TradingUnfortunately, since Internet is full of scam, there are also many binary robots that serve for nothing else but ripping you off. It would be difficult to count 10 top binary robots, while you could count dozens of those that do not work and that are certain to leave your account empty. When you search for binary robots on Google, you will get many results and you may not be sure which robot to choose. Moreover, some of these robots offer conditions that may seem very appealing to you as a trader, promising high accuracy and even higher earnings, but they do not fulfill anything they promise. This is why we will give you a suggestion of several binary robots you can trust, since they overall accuracy is high, they operate with trusted brokers and offer a number of features for you to customize your trade.

    1. Binary Option Robot – they provide a free binary robot that operates through a browser, so there is no need to install any software. It is easy to register and connect the broker’s account with the on one Binary Option Robot’s website. When you place the deposit on the broker’s account, you will be able to turn the auto trading on and there will be many customizable features available. A useful feature of this robot is Automatic Stop Loss, which allows you to enter the maximum money amount you allow the robot to lose, and if it reaches it, it will stop trading.

Learn more about Binary Replicator

    1. Binary Replicator – this is a binary robot provided by CTOption, and it is basically a social trading feature. CTOption is a reputable broker, operating in more than 90 countries all over the world, and accepting traders from USA and Canada as well. Binary Replicator allows traders to observe other users’ trading moves and copy them. The robot gives you an opportunity of automatic copying of other users’ trade, but also the Manual Mode, which allows you to monitor other trades but place the parameters for automated trading yourself.
    2. Binary Hedge Fund – this is one of the most reputable signals providers on the market, which offers automated trading as well. The trader is able to choose the signals from three available providers, together with a large number of assets. Stop Loss and a maximum number of trades per day can be set as well, for maximum trader’s protection.


  1. Investocopy – this is social trading software, based on copying other users’ trades. They provide a demo account which allows you to test the system, and after proceeding to trading with real money and choosing the trader to copy, you get 3% of each of their successful trade.
  2. BestoCopy – this is another social trading software, with many features and special offers for new traders. They offer a three months period of free trial, as well as many bonuses for their users.

Obstacles on a Path to Full-Time Trading

Posted by on Nov 30, 2015 in Finance, News, Trading |

I am talking about forex trading, in this case. Well this can be also said for stock exchange, and advice in this article can be used by stock market traders too. It can be also attached to binary options trading and brokers like 24option. But i don’t want to complicate this too much, so forex trading it will be. As the title says, I will list few obstacles, three exactly, which stop people from trading on forex market, and having that as their primary income source.


Trading with scard money is first obstacle that stops people from taking on forex full time. Scared money represents the money you should not invest in the trading. This can include money you need for other expenses, but you invest them in hope of earning more with them. Then there is even worse option, getting a loan. I Believe that all of you are aware of this, but never take a loan and use that money for trading. It doesn’t matter from what source that loan comes from, investing money that is not yours and that you have to give back eventually is not the smartest move.  If your financial position doesn’t allow expenses to go in trading ,then you should not trade, until your financial situation changes to better. During that time you can trade over demo account and get some practice.


If you have a need to get rich through forex market, then you have failed at the start. Needed to profit through trading is not a reason to start trading. In fact that is a nail in the coffin of your finances. If you go into every day and trade to survive, trade to put food on your table, then you are doing something wrong. Pressure that builds up that way is counter-productive in fore trading. That pressure forces traders to find good trades where they don’t exist, invest into trades they are not familiar with, rushing through analysis of the trade. Trading like that is more like a torture than nice experience and little thrill , which trading should be all about.


Lack of both education and experience shows how prepared a person is to commit to something as serious as trading. This build pressure n the traders as well. Finding good trades is a lot harder if you lack one of these two things, bacause it seems stranger and therefore more difficult. People that lack both and go into forex trading, are simply gambling with their money.

Learning as you go, is the downfall of many new traders. They think that they can obtain knowledge as they trade, but in fact only thing they find is frustration and confusion. There is a reason other traders go through 3 to 6 months of education period before investing money on forex. You can be smart, but if you don’t understand, or don’t know the rules of the game, you have little chance of winning it.

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